Song, What I Been On from Daboii 2019: Listen Rap

Song, What I Been On from Daboii 2019: Listen Rap

Daboii drops new track "What I Been On" Produced by Lil Rece

Song Lyrics
Lil' Rece produced it, Lil’ Rece produced it

Niggas asking what I been on
Out the way and in yo' bitch of yours
Fuck you hoes, it's just me and my bitch ’cause I got sick of whores
Got that call my nigga didn't make it, damn near hit the floor
Got the tightest grip up on my kicks, I never slipped before
Bro passed me the Glock and said the play, I bet I get the score
They like, "Boy your life so valuable, what do you risk it for?"
Bro just hit a lick and up sixteen he tryna hit for more
Sorry bae I'm talking to the mic, I had to hit ignore
She like, "Take a shot for me", the fuck I look like? Drizzy Drake?
Pillow talking to the bitch boy you gon' make a big mistake
Caught a case for a hammer that I didn't get to spray
Nigga you riding or you not? Pussy nigga pick your faith
Brodie giving head shots so we can see what's on your mind
Walked in the club with ten hoes but ain't none of these bitches mine
Crazy how I barely work, they like, "DaBoii been on his grind"
Bullets flying, bet you see them bitches come if you was blind
Pull off, never speak up on it bitch just know that we up on it
Niggas posted, I don't like them, rest in peace to three opponents
Hit the gas and hope that shit take me away, I’m Keyshia cole’n
Sucka free, bitch ask my mama, it ain't much that we condoning
On the block, bitch we patrolling
You the drunk type, we get loaded
Niggas dad talk on the net then know what we ’bout be the boldest
The ones that flex a loaf in every pic they take, they be the brokest
When they asked you for the truth, what you do? The nigga told it
They like, "Who you under?" My own label, bitch I'm signed to me
Bought the flashlight for the baby chopper, let's play hide and seek
Baby bring that ass up over here, there's something I’m trying to see
Tryna see if you can ride this dick like how I ride the beat
Punk a nigga out them dollar bills, yeah I'm Suge Knight'n niggas
You say you gon' do what when you see me? Hope Mike Tyson wit' 'em
We know them your little sister's shoes and you still tryna fit 'em
I don't feel you niggas, never would, wouldn't even try to feel 'em
She like, "What's that little dance you do?" I got all kind of rhythm
Niggas MIA when it's a war, but I'm still tryna kill 'em
Pussy boy you know the consequences if you riding with 'em
Got ditched in front of some niggas that I love, can't catch no vibe with niggas
When it's fuck I'm masking up like it's October 31st
You ain't even really like that, you just wrote it in your verse
My nigga Hann Dog on the phone, he like, "You go to switch your words"
So God forgive me for my sins, I brought explosives in the church
On the gang

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