Audio, Skip This Ad 2020: Family Bvsiness

Family Bvsiness with new song «Skip This Ad», produced by Eminem.

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Family Bvsiness with new song «Skip This Ad», produced by Eminem.

I let my chopper off on Facebook Live, yeah
I'm doin' every drug on Instagram right now (Right now)
I let my chopper off on Facebook Live, yeah (Brrt, brrt, brrt!)
I'm doin' every drug on Instagram right now
D-d-dab, d-d-dab, d-d-dab, in five minutes, you can skip this ad
In five minutes, you can skip this ad, yeah, d-d-dab
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a (Shh) minute

Metaphors in Medu Neter leave you dead on the stretcher
Kemetic intelligence with a melanin texture
I'm addressin' the elephant, you fellas is steppin'
A weapon exit my skeleton to set off metal detectors (Yeah)
Tinted windows in a rental with a pistol, nigga
I can get you, but I'ma hit you on a instrumental
Presented by Em, ho (Yep), and I’m Imhotep
Surgical like that medical expert
Now I got a nine piece, aim it at your mind
Better pray, better find your God, I'm feelin' like Pac
Better call on Yahweh, Amun-Ra, nigga find Allah
Find Allah, because I'm rippin' artists to shreds
That mean find your arm, leg, leg, arm and your head
That shit inside of me is sick as sodomy
Stickin' gonorrhea dick inside of a body that's already dead (Ugh)
I'm top dog like a bottomless pit
But I don't do tricks, except when I'm cockin' your bitch
She in the mall, shopping for shit
She throwin' a tantrum, damn I mean copping a fit
Face it, you ain't shit
But me and my brothers able to shape shift
One minute I'm Demi, the other minute I'm Kenny
The other minute I'm apeshit
Julius take this

I'm from another planet, I came here in a space ship
I'm a savior, here to save the generation
My rapping cadence is captivating
Call it trap music (Aye, you can't escape it)
All I need is a Eminem beat
My pen and my sheet, my nigga, that's the minute I beast
And everyone in the vicinity can get it, even if they innocent
'Cause I be killin' indiscriminately (Ah)
Y'all claim to be ready, you not
But ready or not, I'm gunnin' for whoever on top
How many songs did Julius spit on and go cold savage?
Nigga, you can bet it's a lot
I be sittin' in the dark while I'm plottin' on the next person
I'ma bury, I call it a burial plot
And fuck the cops, I punch the cops
Put hands on 12 like a hour after 11 o'clock
You wanna battle with the Family Bvsiness?
That's insanity, you gotta be kiddin'
I got an insatiable appetite, snack on every whack nigga spittin'
Graduated from the academy of cannibalism (Wait)
Let me release my secret
I murder motherfuckers to release my demons
Takin' a non stop run all night
On a cold pursuit to murk Liam Neeson

Murk anybody, I don't need a reason
Cold motherfucker, I must be anemic
Y'all some walking dead men
When I swing my bat with spikes on it like a scene from Negan
Please believe, it's finna be a lot of bleedin'
Nigga, this shit ain't for the weak and squeamish
When it's beefin' season, nigga think of leavin'
You can leave in peace or you can leave in pieces (Uh)
Too motherfucking deadly, let's see
If a nigga really wanna test me
I wear a vest to protect me
When I'm shootin', my vest is kinda like a teammate who sets screens
We the best, nigga, not just on the West
We the best thing since Rakim, we the next kings
Y'all rappers just ain't us
Y'all some fake fucks, like a movie sex scene
Y'all trash, I ain't feelin' anybody
Clip full of hollow tips, fill up anybody
You can find me in the audience of my enemy stage show
You can stage dive, I'm willin' to catch a body
Y'all be runnin' when we come to your city
I'ma light a nigga up, if you wanna get litty
Just when you thought it was over
You forgot my little brother was with me, hold on

There really, really isn't many fucking with Kenny
My nuggie forgive me
There isn't any fucking with Kenny unless she loving my jimmy
Lettin’ me rub on her titties while I'm all up on that kitty
Niggas afraid of what I'm bustin' like I'm clutching a semi
Niggas wondering how long you've been a menace
Well, it's been a minute
Been malicious when a nigga pennin', puttin' venom in it
Pick a sickness, bet about a million, I'm iller than it
Never get it twisted, nigga's dealing with a killer in this bitch
Fam Bvs' quiet, that's cold
I'd have to kill you if I ever told
Pop you right after supplying info
That’ll be you literally dying to know
Jiminy Cricket, Kenny is sick as Lemony Snicket’s
For an infinity offending these finicky bitches
Better be a friend of me, my enemy finna be missin'
I got bars for life, like I'm livin' in prison
Kill 'em whenever I kick it two times eight
What you kickin' is trash like Little Chris in Friday
I'm a shark, that's why I'm gray, you live bait
I'm swimmin' in the tears of my enemies, who cry lakes
You 'bout as light as a bulb
That mean you light weight
Me, I'm such a fucking heavy weight
If I stomp the ground, buildings'll levitate

Ill when I regulate, real when I educate
Will set the record straight, chill when I meditate
Skill, it'll resonate, millions are devastate
Killin' whoever hate, kneel when I delegate
Still gotta dedicate, steel to you featherweights
Real shit I predicate, billions of replicates
Zillions will speculate, my will finna separate
The real from whoever fake, fillin' the septic tank
‘Cause you full of shit, that's how I feel when your record play
Run the block like Dikembe, comprende?
Come for top, when your chick pray for dick play
Hump her chops, like a sensei on Wednesday
Give it a magic, a Johnson, that's MJ
Hit her box in my Jordans, that's MJ
Moonwalkin' in the pussy, that's MJ
She in love with a renegade, that's Em, Jay
You ain't fuckin' with a rapping lord
I'm cutthroat, like I swallowed half a sword
A rap thesaurus, a colossal raptor or
Tyrannosaurus roars when I rap record
Fuck your rap awards, you're whack for sure
And I mean it in the worst way
You wouldn't have dope word play, even if you had to snort
Half a quarter key off of a Scrabble board (Ugh)
You can't test me, nigga, you can't press me
Brain full of anger, I do what the pain lets me
Address me correct or you catchin' a fade lefty
I go crazy, the flow wavy
I snap like me and DJ Khaled was ridin' the same jet ski
Been in it a minute, my nigga the game blessed me
The gang repped me
I get cash money with some LA Kings, call me Lil Wayne Gretzky

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Audio, Skip This Ad 2020: Family Bvsiness