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Mass Produced.Oceano (song) 2022

Mass Produced (2022) - song, performed by American band Oceano.

Mass Produced (Oceano) 2022
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Mass Produced (lyrics)
Forces are at play
you are not awake!
lives are at stake. continue to fuel flames
this is not a fucking game

here you are fueling flames
but your lies reek the same
the bullshit read on your face
You lack what it takes
re-acclimated with the sheep

we are not the products content witness it all burn
there must be no weak minds corrupting the process
false purpose
you walked right back into the construct
you are the product
of our enslavement
you are the product
you are the product

its all coming into view
you've got your horns out now for all to see
cut the act
you're opaque, cracked clearly
and as your darkness seeps the worlds reminded you are one with the disease
You are one with the disease

it’s not safe
No, it’s not safe
to put the fate of the world in the hands of an ignorant few
denial and ignorance
sewing lies to manifest their motive & views
The eye of Ra now turns and judges you
denial and ignorance
sowing lies to manifest.
the world doesn’t need you

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